Welcome to EastARK.comís Yard Sale


This is the meeting place for local folks to gather to find that small treasure or get rid of that albatross you canít stand the sight of a minute longer. Maybe you just want to turn something not being used into some cash to go buy something more useful. Anyone may view our site but only registered users may buy and/or sell.


A word about security

We attempt to protect the information of our registered users. Sellers are seen only as a number and the item information they provide. A buyer can send an email, via our system, to a seller. The seller's email address is not revealed. If a seller chooses to respond to a potential buyer, the two parties may then communicate with each other and provide contact information. At that point, EastARK Yard Sale is out of the picture.


There are 3 classes of users. They are buyers, sellers and guests. Everyone using the EastARK Yard Sale to buy and/or sell must register. Guests may view everything, but must be registered to contact sellers. The database is fairly secure so your information is pretty safe. As with any other web site, we advise against using usernames and passwords which are used in other places, especially those with financial transactions. Since we don't do any financial transactions here, we do not have any records of credit cards or banking information. EastARK Yard Sale is strictly an information clearinghouse.


We do require registered users to provide valid email addresses and phone numbers. We won't use those unless an unforeseen incident occurs. We don't reveal real name or email address. Buyers disclose their contact information in an email sent from our servers. Sellers may then contact the buyer and tell them who they are. We urge sellers NOT to include contact information with item descriptions. We only print seller as numbers so that items may be searched for by seller as well as categories and item names.

Sellers: If for any reason, you suspect a buyer is not who they say they are or feel suspicious about them, let us know. All registered users are required to give us their real name and phone number. If warranted, we'll contact the potential buyer and verify their legitimacy.


Buyers may view any and all items that are for sale by sellers. Buyers may send email to sellers to request more info or negotiate a purchase. A buyer may also be a seller and vice versa.


Sellers may view all items for sale and, in addition, may add items for sale. Sellers may view all items but may only edit or delete their own sale items.



Sellers are allowed 3 pictures per item. We may offer more pictures if sellers are willing to pay for it. You can always list an item twice and use 3 pictures each, but we feel 3 should be adequate. If you feel differently, let us know and we'll take it under consideration in a future site update.


Only thumbnail sized images are shown with the listings, but you can click on the images to get a larger screen size.


We highly recommend Picasa to prepare pictures for our site. After all, it's free!

1. Download camera pictures to your computer.

2. Install and run Picasa. You'll find it at http://picasa.google.com/

3. Picasa will then find all the pictures on your system.

†††† Note 1: Some folks have LOTS of pictures so this action by Picasa may be a bit overwhelming. If it is, you can simply read a few directions from Picsa and instruct it NOT to read everything; and better yet, point it to a specific directory.

†††† Note 2: When you install Picasa, create a desktop icon. If you right-click on this icon, you can direct Picasa to open up a particular folder where your photos are located.

4. In Picasa, select 1 or more pictures that you wish to process for Yard Sale.

5. Select File --> Export Picture to Folder

6. (This is the real key to your photo preparation). The window that appears has 3 important things to take note of:

†††† A. Most importantly, take note of the directory where Picasa will store your modified picture. [Picasa will NOT alter the original picture unless you force it to.] This is usually a folder directly beneath where the original picture is located.

†††† B. Image Size: Resize your picture to 400 pixels. This is s good size for our site.

†††† C. Image Quality: Select Custom and move the slider to about 80.

7. Select Export and your image is ready to be uploaded to our site. Now your pictures shold be less than the maximum allowed size of 100 kbytes. If it's not, our site will not allow a picture to be uploaded and you can go back to Picasa for further tuning.


When adding an item for Yard Sale, be sure to click on SAVE. Otherwise the entire entry may have to be repeated. To do things properly, you should click on UPLOAD for each photo and then click SAVE when everything is entered.


It's certainly best to have your item description and images prepared before you enter an item, but if youmake a misteak :), want to add something or even another picture, simply locate your entry and click EDIT. Be sure to click SAVE when you're done.


Items are listed by reverse dates; meaning that the latest items are always at the top of the list. We've included 2 listings of all items: one has pictures and the other no picures. This is for convenience to speed up searches.


Items will be listed for approxmately 30 days. Sellers: There is an optional place for you to list who you sell something to. You can help us keep the clutter down by removing items when they are sold. You cannot change the original listing date, but you can remove and item and list it again to get back to the top of the list.


Questions? Comments?? Contact us at YardSale@EastARK.com